USU Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Marion Bishop

You learn things as you go. This has been a guiding principle in the life of Dr. Marion Bishop. A Cache Valley native, coming to USU was a natural choice for Marion. Both of her parents are alums, as are two of her four brothers and paternal grandparents.

After graduating in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in English, Marion’s love for language and literature led her to New York University, where she completed a master’s degree and PhD in English and American Literature. With several degrees in her possession, Bishop started teaching college English at NYU. From NYU, Bishop went on to teach at Roosevelt University (Chicago, IL), Columbia College (Chicago, IL), and Bentley College (Waltham, MA).

During her time at Bentley, Marion, an already extremely accomplished woman, made a life altering decision. In her early thirties, Marion found a “confidence and clarity [she] had lacked as a younger woman”. Armed with the desire and confidence to pursue a dream, Marion decided to make a dramatic career switch and go to medical school. Although Marion enjoyed teaching English, as she put it, “I realized if I didn’t go for it I would hate myself and find myself at 60, full of regret.”

11 years after receiving her bachelor’s degree, Marion returned to Utah State University to complete the necessary prerequisites for medical school. During the two years she spent back at USU, Bishop founded Women in Medicine, a group dedicated to encouraging women to pursue careers in the health sciences. Marion attended four years of medical school at the University of Utah and in 2007, completed a three-year Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She now works as an ER doctor at Evanston Regional Hospital, in Evanston, WY.

Bishop is committed to encouraging young women to follow their hearts and heads; most importantly, she follows her own advice. She has received recognitions and awards in both of her career fields, as well as published articles and essays in both journals and books.

After years of living all over the country, Marion and her husband, Brian Jurena, have recently moved back to Cache Valley, where they are enjoying remodeling an old home and taking their young daughter for walks on the USU campus.

Dr. Marion Bishop is living proof of what can happen if you’re willing to learn as you go.

Click here for online version.

Photo provided by Dr. Marion Bishop.


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